Modeling Inter-Organizational Factors Affecting Adsorption Sponsors Athletics in North Khorasan Province

Hadi Bagheri, Bagher Morsal, Ali Fahimi Nejad, Amin Rashid Lamir


The purpose of this paper was modeling inter-organizational factors affecting adsorption sponsors athletics in North Khorasan province. The study population included of 150 persons. In order to collect information, a questionnaire survey was based on information obtained from the qualitative adjustment. Cronbach's alpha coefficient management variables (0.821), financial resources (0.814), human resources (0.814), marketing (0.815), information systems (0.817), production, effective operations (0.813), research and development (0.817) which was higher than 0.7 is indicative of internal consistency and reliability of the questionnaire items. To analyze the data, structural equation modeling was performed using LISREL software. Based on the results in a significant path coefficient for indoor and attract sponsors in the sport of champions North Khorasan number was 12.4. Since it is located outside of the range -1.96, +1.96 and it can be inferred that this is a meaningful way.



Athletics; Inter-organizational factors; North Khorasan; Sponsor; Sponsorship


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